New beginnings- 2016 Rollercoaster

What a year 2016 has been! I don’t know about you, but for me and a lot of people it’s been a year of shifts, changes, letting the past go and allowing in what we really want in our life. It’s been a roller coaster and at times I’ve wondered when I could get off. But it’s led me to opening up and listening to my hearts true desires and being my true authentic self.

A year that started with me being let go from a full time job, which I felt unfulfilled, trapped and unhappy at. To going freelance and then finally taking the plunge and listening to my true calling, to work with my psychic abilities full time. Offering psychic readings, mediumship, intuitive life coaching to give guidance, clarity & help people on their life path. Getting here hasn’t been an easy journey but it’s led me to set up The Psychic Upgrade and I’ve never felt more empowered and free.

I had a career working in film for 10 years- I was successful working with top brands from around the globe on campaigns, sports films, movies & commercials. I was paid to travel the world to far flung places, meet diverse people from all walks of life and be in a creative sphere. But something was missing. I loved the work I was part of, but it always felt I had more to give.

I’ve grown up in a household where we talked about ghosts, the other side, spirituality and philosophy. I grew up seeing ghosts, being in touch with my intuition and having intense lucid dreams. My Mum encouraged me to go to her psychic circle (a place to meditate and share psychic messages) with her in my late teens and I always left feeling energised and connected. But it was always a part of me that I kept hidden from the “normal” world with a fear that friends and co-workers would think I was strange or weird. My boyfriends didn’t believe in psychics/the other side so I pushed that side of me even more into the internal depths. One ex boyfriend recently at a wedding told me that coming over to my house was sometimes like walking into a Harry Potter novel and compared my Mum to Luna LoveGood! Talk about him picking a spiritual mainstream fear based stereotype!! (she’s definitely not a Luna- far from it!! )

It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada in May 2014 at 31 that I started to embrace my psychic skills fully. I had been living in London for 10 years and needed a change. Single, not a homeowner, freelance with work- I knew that this was the time to make a bold move. I listened to my gut instinct and knew that I had to be living in Vancouver. I packed 2 suitcases, my skis and took a complete life punt. No job and no place to live. Setting up a life from scratch was tough and there were some serious dark days where I’d call my Mum up and cry my eyes out not knowing which way to turn. But the universe had its plan and conspired for me to turn to my spirituality and psychic abilities to give me grounding and stability in a difficult time. It became my lighthouse. A beacon to show me the way.

My teacher/mentor Lynda Jane helped me to realise the gifts I had and my potential. I am truly grateful for all the guidance she gave me, and continues to do so. Last year she told me in a reading that I’d be doing psychic readings full time..”Ha I thought…I can’t see that happening” And she was so right, a year on here I am growing my psychic mediumship business!

This psychic “coming out” didn’t happen overnight. I battled with it still believing that people would think I was strange. But I had great support from new friends in Vancouver who supported and encouraged me to stand up and be my true authentic self. Plus I always had the love and advice from my family in the UK to follow my dreams and passions. My Wednesday night “meditation” class I slowly started calling my “psychic” group. I gave readings to strangers, co-workers and friends. I found my voice, tapped into my gifts and listened to my spirit guides. Doing the work made me feel whole and complete. The other side were shouting loud and clear- this is your Soul purpose. And this year I listened….I was ready to be me. Not just part of me. But all of me 100%.

2016 has certainly been a roller coaster but I’m grateful for everything it has taught me about myself. Embracing not only my light but the dark too and for actualising my authentic self… I’m still learning and growing but it’s amazing to know that I’m on my Soul purpose path, upgrading one day at a time.

So a little more info on what I’m going to be posting on my blog going forward. I was told by my guides to call my psychic medium business “The Psychic Upgrade” and that the word Upgrade was important. We’re all upgrading ourselves everyday and have the power to upgrade our thoughts and lives at every turn.

Upgrade- To raise (something) to a higher standard

Psychic- supernatural capabilities of the mind

The Psychic Upgrade- Helping others improve their lives to a higher standard using psychic gifts of the mind

“Our Upgrade” will cover ways to help you enlighten and grow your awareness through different psychic techniques and modalities, my journey growing the Psychic Upgrade, guest posts, book reviews, teachings and more! You can follow “Our Upgrade” here.

I’ve been receiving messages from spirit for the last 10 years that I need to write and I’m excited that I have finally put fear aside and am allowing this part of me into the open! Here’s to an exciting new chapter and new beginnings…

Thanks for reading!

Nats xx


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