How are we Upgrading daily?

slide1What does the word upgrade mean to you? When you Google “Do humans upgrade?” a stream of Google posts come back about cybernetics, body upgrades, new technologies and human evolution. All sounds very Terminator and the Rise of the Machines to me. On a cellular level our bodies upgrade every day, billions times over as we create new cells to continue to live. In our ever changing, evolving world our brains too are being upgraded. We live in an age where we are developing new technologies, new ways of thinking & scientific breakthroughs.  But on a metaphysical/energetic level we are upgrading to new energies and information every day. And more importantly have the power to upgrade our thoughts and lives at every turn.

But what is a Psychic Upgrade?

Upgrade-to raise (something) to a higher level

Psychic- supernatural/intuitive capabilities of the mind

Psychic Upgrade- to raise our awareness of the world we live in to a higher level using psychic gifts of the mind

We all have psychic gifts, every single one of us. For some they may be more developed but we all have the skills.  Our inner knowing, the little voice in our head that we think are our thoughts. But these thoughts are our intuitive psychic guidance that we choose to listen to or not. It’s like when you go to cross a road and you look left and right (or right and left depending where you live!!) and go to step out, but that inner voice jumps in and says “Hey! Better look again” and then you look up and there’s a car you didn’t see. That voice, that intuition, is your intuitive psychic guidance kicking in.  It’s like when you think about someone and the phone rings or you bump into someone on the street that you were only thinking about a few days before.

A lot of people have these intuitive moments when our loved ones pass across to the other side. Feelings or strange phenomena that let us know that the person has passed or will pass. My earliest memory of this psychic guidance kicking in for me was the week before my Grandfather passed when I was 11 years old. We always had so much fun when we visited my Nan & Granddad. We’d play silly games, and make up games where you’d have to use your imagination. Anything seemed possible when you were playing one of these games.

That weekend we went to the park on a windy cold day and decided to fly a kite. We were having fun wrestling to get the kite into the air and keeping it up there. But I remember at one point looking over to my Granddad and he’d taken himself off to sit on a bench. And I remember thinking that he looked reflective, as if he was watching all the key moments of his life and was soaking up these final precious memories with his loved ones. It struck me as a child and my inner guidance made a note that this was important. A few days later, out of the blue he died of a heart attack. It was a shock for everyone that he’d passed. It’s still a moment in my life that I can return to very quickly as the memory seems so real. A memory frozen in time.



But I know that my Grandfather stands close over 20 years on, and lets me know that he’s around, ironically using signs of that fateful day. If I ever see a kite flying or if there is a red kite (the bird) flying in the sky or other bird of prey I feel his presence and know he’s there. I speak to a lot of people who have signs connected to people who have passed and know when their loves ones are letting them know they are there. Do you have a sign or a story where your psychic guidance has kicked in to let us know that our loved one has passed or is about to? Or how they let you know now that they are around? I’d love to hear your stories, so please share in the comment section below.

Learning to listen to our intuitive psychic guidance can be really daunting at first. We can second guess ourselves and be unsure of the message. I know it used to freak me out when I started listening! I’d choose not to listen and think that it was just me making up creative stories. But the more I began to trust, the more it kept showing up. By tuning in to that inner voice it’s starting the process to see how you’re upgrading daily today.

What has that inner voice been telling you today? Take 1 minute to reflect on your intuitive psychic guidance for today. It could be a word, a picture, a person, a colour or a feeling. Sit with it and and see what comes up and see what it means to you. Tune in and see what message they have for you.

“Our Upgrade” is going to be a space to reflect, share and learn new knowledge of this “Psychic Upgrade”. To raise awareness of the world we live in to a higher level using the psychic gifts that we all have. Whether you’re new to using your psychic skills, have never even thought about using them, are an experienced intuitive or a complete sceptic “Our Upgrade” will be a place to open our minds and learn about how we can upgrade daily using our psychic gifts. I’m excited to be on this journey with you!

Nats xx



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