Daily Upgrade- Sat 5th Nov



DAILY UPGRADE: We are not here on the earth to be alone on our journey- it’s about the people we meet, love and interact with on this journey called life. These people help to shape our experience. When the world is going through a period of transition and change on a global scale with elections, wars, protests, & political fallout – we must remember how our lives can impact the world’s energy and vibration. It’s about choosing LOVE over fear and hate. Today take a moment to connect with the people you love in your life. Partner, Lover, Family friends & even pets 😊 We sometimes forget that we shape our own existence. We have the power to create the relationships and feelings we want to feel. Let’s give the globe a much needed love boost today and start by sharing love with those closest to us.
#dailyupgrade #thepsychicupgrade #daily #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #thirdeye #psychic #message #love #light #lightworker #upgrade #heart #magic #energy #oracle
#oraclecards #loveoverhate #global #universe #choice #together #impact #gratitude

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