Daily Upgrade- Tuesday 8th Nov



DAILY UPGRADE: On this poignant day in history with the US elections I asked for a card today that would symbolise the global mood. For my guides to bring forth this card today could not be more relevant for the global stage today as well as our our own life path. For some today this a battle of the sexes – man vs woman. It’s about good vs hate. It’s about truth vs lies. It’s the light vs dark. The holding of the sacred object of both the light self and shadow self in this card represents that we are one and the same.

We must come together and embrace all, for us to grow as a collective. There is no taking sides & no hate talk needed. Just an understanding that for change to happen and for us to evolve it all starts with love. On your personal journey today take note today of when your shadow self takes the reign of your thoughts. Is there a common theme/message to these thoughts? Embrace these thoughts and the emotions that rise from them as they are trying to teach you something. Just as much as the light also sends you messages. Whatever the outcome of these intense US elections remember how your thoughts and feelings can make an impact on the global collective. Embrace both sides today. We are all equals.
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