Daily Upgrade- Weds Nov 9th



DAILY UPGRADE: I asked spirit today for a card to bring us hope and guidance when there is a lot of fear across the planet today.
Out of all pain and hurt the light is let back in. The pain is here to teach us and show us new ways. At the time when we’re in it it feels like there is no way out. Trust that this is all for a reason. That out of the pain comes love. A new understanding. A new way of thinking. We are being shown a new path to step into our authentic selves and how we stand up and be accounted for. We must forge on. We must not forget our purpose. A change of order does not mean that that we can forget our values and what we believe in. We can still show up in our personal lives and be the light. Be the change and see that ripple out. Be bold. Step out. Speak out. Rise up. Follow your heart. Be the light. Take the steps on this new journey. Be the change. This is happening on a global stage for us to make changes in our own lives. On our own path. Stay true. Collective love triumphs over fear and hate.
#dailyupgrade #thepsychicupgrade #daily #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #thirdeye #psychic #message #love #light #lightworker #upgrade #heart #magic #energy #oracle
#oraclecards #loveconquersall #hope #fear #election2016 #global #ageofaquarius

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