Daily Upgrade- Thurs 10th Nov



DAILY UPGRADE: Two cards for today’s message and they couldn’t be more appropriate.
On a personal level as we head into the super moon on Monday and 11/11 tomorrow there is great personal transformation underway. We are rising and growing and our soul path is being illuminated. If you’re looking for change in your life at the moment there are some big shifts happening. If you’ve already started to make changes you’ll see the fruits of your labour start to reap the rewards… After an intense and challenging energy week, take a look at your personal self and acknowledge and share gratitude of the journey you’ve been on so far this year. For many, me included it’s been a year of transformation, healing and forgiveness.
On a global energy message for the day these cards represent that by working together in our communities & cities across the world we can make a difference and let our voices be heard. We have the power to be the change and need to work together. This is symbolised by the tree growing and the two hands on top of each other. With the fallout of the US elections and it’s ripples being felt across the globe we are being reminded that we are global citizens. We live on one planet and are all connected. To make positive changes we must rise up, look after our communities and support each other.  It’s time for action.
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