Daily Upgrade Mon 14th Nov



DAILY UPGRADE: Its the largest Supermoon full moon in 68 years today! This card represents the work we can do today by stepping into the light of the Supermoon.
A perfect day to manifest your true desires and let go of the old. To release write a list of everything that you no longer want in your life. Emotions, circumstances, judgements. Write it all out and then burn the paper and release it to the light of the moon. To create and manifest your desires- shut your eyes and imagine doing the thing you most want in your life. Don’t just think it- feel it, imagine yourself there. How does it make it you feel? Make it a sensory journey. Smell, touch, listen….
Be at one with nature today and get outside. Remember that we are part of the planet and part of its ebb and flow, just like the waxing and waning of the moon…. Acknowledge the incoming changes and the parts you are letting go…. You may feel emotional at unexpected times today. Release and let it out.
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