Daily Upgrade- Tuesday 29th November



DAILY UPGRADE: Today is the new moon in Sagittarius and the upgrade message is tapping into this energy.
Dream big today. The shackles are off. Be bold. We are are being asked to step into the light. Not just as an individual but as a collective. To work together. To use our awareness and intuitions for a greater good. Relationships are what root us to this earth and help keep us grounded on our life path. Today take stock of your key relationships and if there are conversations and truths that need to be expressed speak up. Stand in your truth. Bare your soul. You are supported. The universe will look after us and in turn we must look after our planet. We are all connected. From the oceans and ice caps, forests and deserts. From the sun and moon. And planets and solar systems. Energetically we are one. Living together. Use our knowledge and power for the greater good. We must work together to help each other. We all have the power to light up the darkness.
Manifest and write down today the parts of your life that need to be faced before the end of the year. And more importantly set intentions for the first 6 months of 2017. Dream big. No limits. You are limitless. Anything is possible. Believe it. No restrictions. Tap into your intuitions and higher self
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