Daily Upgrade-Saturday 10th December



DAILY UPGRADE: The energies have been building all week for the SuperMoon next Tuesday not just energetically but in our bodies too. The planet is also feeling this intense energy activity created in the SuperMoon buildup which is why we have had increased earthquake activity.
Today’s card continues with this theme of increased energy and what it means to us. The light coming into the woman’s head on this card represents the energy downloads or as I call it “Upgrade” to our spiritual energetic bodies and physical bodies. But how can we use this energy?
Today we must use this energy to step into our power. You may have felt that your relationships have been tested this week. Today is about realising you have the choices and the power to change anything. The universe is allowing you to have the difficult conversations, face the truths and reach out to however you need to. Do not be afraid. If 2016 has taught us anything we must face up to our inner truths and authentic selves. Use the energy that is flowing to your benefit. Don’t shy away, but stand tall and use your voice. Connect. We are being offered an opportunity to get our “house” in order before 2016 is out
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