Daily Upgrade- Tuesday 13th December



DAILY UPGRADE: I love that the card picked today has a round shape in the sky which today represents the Super full moon in Gemini shining bright above us and bringing in guidance, release and messages.
A day of release. The final large release of 2016. Use the moons energy to release to the universe what you need to let go. Let go of the ties, the binds, the emotions that don’t serve you anymore. Write them down. Share your forgiveness in words and then burn the words and release them to the universe. The book in the card represents how we have our knowledge and wisdom in our hearts and in our hands we just have to bring in the light to make it happen.

Sometimes we need to have others to help us do this. We can work together with our friends, families and communities to make our dreams become a reality. Use your support system. Ask for help. The universe will show you and provide all the help you need
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#oraclecards #fullmoon #supermoon #moon #release #connections #dailyreading #tarot #gemini #2016 #riseup

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