Daily Upgrade- Saturday 31st December



DAILY UPGRADE: I’ve been hibernating between Christmas and New Year. I listened to my guides and they told me to go slow and take stock of the year I’ve just had as 2017 is going to be special, transformational and very busy!
Wow the last day of 2016! It’s certainly been a roller coaster year. A year of transformation, facing your demons, being authentic and finding out about yourself when dealing with challenges and obstacles. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to get into 2017 tomorrow!
Today’s card is a beautiful card to sum up the last day of 2016. UNIVERSE. This card today represents your future dreams of 2017- that anything is possible. That the lessons of 2016 have made an impact on you forever but the world is your oyster for 2017. Never forget that you shape your universe and have the power to mould,and adapt your life. We must not be limited in our thoughts and beliefs but believe that anything is possible.

Today take a few moments to write down all that you have been grateful for in 2016. The learning points, the good times, the people who have made an impact on your year. Write down what you’re thankful for. The universe listens to our gratitude and we can realise that we’ve had a better year than we thought.

Have an amazing last day of 2016. Dream big today for tomorrow.

If you’d like a reading for 2017 to gain greater clarity and vision for the year ahead you can book a session with me at


With love and light- Nat xx

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