Who Was I?


Perhaps in the past you were a King?  Part of an indigenous tribe? A Roman slave? An Egyptian who helped build the Pyramids? A famous actor or musician? A Viking? A writer?

The universe is in a continual flux of death and rebirth and the idea of Reincarnation has been around for centuries from the Ancient Greeks to the Celtic Druids. Past Life Regression has been discussed as early as the 2nd Century BC in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in India. He talked about how our souls have imprints from our previous lives karma and how these need to be realised to find peace and knowledge in this life.

Past Lives come from the concept that we are born onto this planet as a choice to experience a “human” existence. We have chosen to learn and experience this world for our souls to grow. If we do not learn the lesson from a previous life, this theme will recur into the next life until we have learnt from it. As an example, if you’re supposed to learn to speak up and express your opinions-you might have been born in the medieval times and you were a writer who expressed his thoughts easily but was persecuted by the government for your beliefs. In the next life the “imprint” of the previous persecution is there and transfers into your new earthly life. So you could be in a relationship where you are not encouraged to be heard and led an unhappy life as you didn’t allow yourself to speak up. These themes can continue across many lifetimes and Past Life Regression (PLR) can help you unlock and heal these past imprints.


Picture credit- Lianne Downey http://liannedowney.com/
Picture credit- Lianne Downey http://liannedowney.com/

As Dr Brian Weiss who wrote the book “Many Lives. Many Masters” says.

“We must accept what comes to us at a given time, and not ask for more. But life is endless, so we never die; we were never really born. We just pass through different phases. There is no end. Humans have many dimensions. But time is not as we see time, but rather in lessons that are learned.” Dr Brian Weiss.

Weiss was a traditional Psychotherapist who was shocked when a client started to recall past lives in one of their sessions. He’s now one of the leading experts on PLR.

Other than a particular emotional theme that keeps recurring in your life, there are other markers that can show you that a Past Life is having an affect on you today.

Do you feel akin to certain times in history?
Want to understand more about why certain people are in your life?
Want to understand more about those strange sensations with certain places?

I loved history growing up and at one point wanted to be an Archaeologist. Looking back now, I’ve realised that the times in history I resonated to in my history classes were actually times that I had lived in. Crazy right!? Aged 11 we learnt about the Aztecs- wow I was obsessed them! During a PLR I was taken back to a Sun God ritual that I was performing in an Aztec pyramid in the 14th Century..suddenly it all made sense! Another time I felt a connection was to the Knights Templar in the 11th Century. I visited a castle in Syria as a teenager called Krak des Chevaliers and from the moment we arrived I felt like I’d been there before. I knew my way around and although it was a ruin, it had a sense of home. In a PLR I was taken back to this castle and I used to live there as a knight during the Crusades. I studied History for my A- Levels ( Grade 12 exams for North America) and had to write a thesis as part of my final exam. I instantly knew I wanted to write about women in Nazi Germany and how they had to adapt to the dictatorship. At the time I didn’t know why I wanted to write about the topic and how I wanted to express and share how women were affected. During a PLR over 10 years later I was shown as a wife married to an SS officer. I didn’t believe in what was happening but chose to shut up and not stand up out of fear and persecution. On the flip side of that era I was also shown in the PLR, as a young female Jew in a concentration camp who was killed for trying to protect a younger sibling. During the Nazi regime I had a split soul and ran parallel lives.

It is also known that our family members and friends in this life have been with us in other lives. They might have had a different relationship to you ( a best friend could have been a wife/husband or your mother could have been a son/daughter in another lifetime for example) but the souls closest to us repeat themselves. If you struggle with a particular relationship in this lifetime it is probably due to a Past Life imprint that you have carried with you.

For me PLR has been transformational on my current life path. I see it as a form of spiritual growth and awareness. It has given me clarity and insight to why I have had certain emotional blockages, have connections to certain people and historical times. Moreover, the regressions have provided me with healing, forgiveness and calmness. Some people visit Past Lives by hypnotherapy but I have visited all of mine through guided meditation and visualisation. This technique allows people to reach a past life easily and recall it. It has been a real gift to now offer Past Life Regression to my clients and to share my love of the work.

If you’re interested in finding out more I will be offering a One Day Past Life Regression Workshop on the Sat 14th Jan- 10am-5pm in downtown Vancouver. Through guided mediation you will visit your own past lives and will unlock these past life imprints. More info and tickets here . I also offer one-on-one regression sessions. More info on the website.

I am not just me. I am the multi dimensions of my soul.

My soul speaks and transcends time. The imprints of the past.

I am ready to unlock

The portals of time

To find out why I am here.


Thanks for reading my first “Our Upgrade” post of 2017!


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