Daily Upgrade-Monday 9th Jan 2017



DAILY UPGRADE: Today’s message is about working together. Working together in our love and family relationships, business relationships and with our spiritual connections to our guides. We all have a voice and need to be heard and we need to remember to speak our truths and share what we need to. Plus we need to remember to listen to others and be involved in their sharing. As a collective we have the power to speak up, listen and share. Over the coming year this is going to be really important.


The communication with our spirit guides is increasing daily and we have been experiencing massive upgrades. (see a few posts back for more info) Our connection to them is becoming more prevalent- messages and using your intuition is hard to ignore. They are asking us to work with them and listen to our instincts. Our relationship with them is growing daily. We are being called to work with them for our benefit and the planet.


Speak up

Rise up

Speak your truth.

Work together

Not alone

Find space to create

And to listen to others

Follow the gut

Use your intuition

In the flow,

The messages are incoming.

We are one. And must act as one.


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