5 Ways to Reconnect with the Divine Feminine this International Women’s Day


I just wanted to share some inspiration for International Women’s Day- Weds March 8th. This isn’t just for the women but for the men reading this too. We are currently undergoing a big shift in Consciousness. An “ascension” where we are opening our minds, and social constructs and values are shifting. There is a return to the “Divine Feminine” and connecting back to Divine Mother, Mother Earth and Goddess energy. But this isn’t just for women as we all have both male and feminine energy. We are all made up of this duality. We are all finding our way back to our existence and what it means to be in this Universe.

Take some time out to connect to the “Divine Feminine” today.

Here are 5 things you can do on this International Women’s Day to celebrate the Divine Feminine within you.

1- Connect with Nature and Mother Earth

Go outside today and connect with nature. Go to a favourite spot and take some time for a walk or meditate. If you’re near a forest go to a forest and put your hands on the trees to hear their wisdom and knowledge. If you’re looking for guidance ask Mother Nature to show you a message. She will help you and guide you.


Take some time out for self-love to immerse yourself in healing waters. Take a long bath with Epsom salts, rose oil and if you have a rose quartz crystal add this to the water too. This will open your heart chakra and will allow you to reconnect with your sensuality, softness and feminine. If you don’t have a bath, take a long shower with your favourite body wash. Whilst in the water of the bath or shower, call in a beautiful white light tinged with soft pink to surround your body. This will bring love and healing.


Shake it out today! Turn the music up. Put on your favourite track and dance like you’ve never before. By connecting with the movement of your body your Divine Feminine will rise up and will help remove any blockages and unwanted emotions. Spirit loves for us to dance. So shake it out!

4- Beauty & Gratitude

Today is a day for seeing the beauty in everything and everyone. Even in our man made cities and towns there is beauty everywhere. Spend some time today seeing things with fresh eyes. Be mindful in what you’re looking at- the buildings, cars, outdoor spaces. Make eye contact with strangers. Gratitude reconnects us with ourselves and makes us realise what we have. Write down 5 things that you are grateful for today.

5-Oracle Cards

Ask your Oracle cards today for a message connected with the Divine Feminine. Sit briefly and surround yourself in feminine energy. If you have a specific question you would like answered bring this into your minds eye whilst you imagine this Divine Feminine energy. The card will be selected by this energy and will provide the answer today.

With much love and gratitude on this International Women’s Day.

Natalie xo


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