5 Simple Ways to Connect with your Spirit Guides

Slide1Who are our Spirit Guides? Our Spirit Guides help us tune into our intuition and send us those all important signs. It’s important for us to realise that we’re not alone on our life journey. They are our cheerleader team in Spirit, helping and guiding us through important decisions, relationships, and working out what makes us happy and where we find our joy. How inspiring is it to know that we can choose to tap into this Spirit guidance whenever we like!

We have many different Guides, but we all have one main Guide that is with us from when are born until we die. They have lived many lifetimes here on earth and just like us have gifts, talents and passions which they like to use, to help and connect with us. We also have other guides on our team that like to work with us at certain points in our lives to help with specific problems or life goals. I had a connection with a new Spirit Guide when I first moved to Vancouver, Canada. A First Nation guide stepped forward to help me transition into moving here and to give me grounding in my new home.

So how do we connect with our Guides? How can we work with them on a daily basis?

1- Ask them to Step Forward

Our Spirit Guides need encouragement and to know that we’d like to work with them more. Most are very happy to work quietly in the background, only making themselves known to you when they feel you need it the most. But if you’d like them to give you more messages, signs and guidance you just need to ask. The best way to ask them is when you’re relaxed and in a quiet space. Take 5 minutes in meditation or just sitting somewhere quiet and say in your head or out loud. “Spirit Guide I would like to work with you more. Please step forward into the light to share with me messages and guidance.”

2- Be Specific

Get detailed with what you’d like them to help you with. The more specific you are, they know what needs to get done. No task too large or too small they will be there to assist you. Can’t find that car parking space? Ask for one. Need a sign on a job or relationship? Ask them for advice. They can help you when you’re at your lowest and help re-direct you onto your life path.

3- Open Up

Don’t get attached to how you think the signs/answers will appear from your Guides. They will give you the messages and signs in the most various, unexpected and simplest of ways. When we try and control our Guides we don’t get the real message from them as we have become too attached to the outcome. When we ask for their guidance it’s important to release it to the universe and not focus on the outcome we think we desire.

tumblr- ernestoartillo.comPicture Credit- Pinterest/Tumblr- ernestoartillo.com

4- Ask for a Sign

Our Spirit Guides once we connect with them will show us that they are always around. One way to connect is to ask for a specific sign. I do this regularly when I’m asking if I’m on the right path with something. I ask to be shown a specific picture or symbol to let me know I’m on track. A few weeks ago I asked to see a Blue Owl. It was a few days since I had asked to see this image and it hadn’t appeared yet. I had completely forgotten about the sign I had asked for, and when I wasn’t looking for it, there it was in a bookshop. My blue owl sign as a cartoon on a notebook. Instantly I remembered my request and knew it was my Guide showing up to let me know I was on the right path. You can choose any symbol or picture that resonates with you for this connection exercise.

5- How does it Feel?

Gut instinct. How many times have you made a decision just on how something feels? Or have had a bad feeling about a situation or person before something has happened? You can’t put your finger on it, but you know it’s something to avoid. It’s important to tune into these body sensations and intuitive moments, as we’re being shown flags to watch out for by our Guides.

When my Guides are showing me something positive my skin tingles and I get a warm buzz that makes me feel happy. When showing me something negative, I feel an icy breeze over my skin that makes me feel emotionless and cold. As you work with your Guides more, these intuitive body sensations will increase and you can use these feelings to help you make decisions. Every Guide will work differently, so begin to tune into how your Guide likes to send these feelings to you.


These first 5 steps will help you to start the connection journey with your Guides. Start slowly with them and your communication will increase in no time. There is so much more I want to write on this subject, that I’m going to write ” 5 Practical Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides” next week. These next steps will be in depth, practical ways for you to work with your Guides.

If you’re interested in meeting your main Spirit Guide, I am holding a “Meet Your Spirit Guide” guided meditation on Thursday April 27th- 6-8pm at Moment Meditation in Gastown, Vancouver. I have designed this guided meditation for you to meet your main Guide so you can connect with them and your intuition more. By meeting them you can work with them on a daily basis and understand the signs and messages they are giving you.

For more information and to sign up please visit their website HERE.

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