Following last weeks post- 5 Simple Ways to Connect with your Spirit Guides where I talk about who Spirit Guides are and how to start working with them, this week I wanted to share some practical ways of how to connect in our everyday lives.

Once we invite our Guides to step forward and show us signs, (see previous post-link above) you will begin to notice an increase in communication as your connection strengthens. Below are 5 practical ways to work with them more closely.

1- Be Still and Meditate

Our Guides send us messages and visuals when we switch off from the outside world and go inward. The connection with them increases and they begin to show us what they look like and what their personality is. Take 10-15 minutes in a quiet space and ask your Guides to step forward and show themselves to you. You might not see anything but you will feel them. You can even ask for their name as they all have names!

2- Journal/Spirit Guide Diary

Pick up a pen and write. Our Guides like to communicate through words and when we’re in that writing flow they will share messages with you. Set an intention that you would like to write with your Guides. You can ask a specific question you need advice on or just start writing and see what flows out on the paper. Let your mind go free and don’t worry about what it looks like, spelling or grammar!

3- Nature Connected

Our Spirit Guides love to connect with us in nature. Head outdoors into the fresh air- to the forests, parks, beaches, mountains and open spaces. Breathe in the fresh air. Go for a walk or lie down on the ground. Get connected to Mother Earth.  If you feel like it, take your shoes and socks off and have your bare feet on the earth. Your Guides will show up and share messages through nature itself or by giving you mental messages.


Picture Credit- Sisoo.com 

4- Music lyrics

Do you listen to the radio or a playlist and a song starts playing and it feels like it’s playing just for you? Or have the urge to change the station/track and when you do your favourite song plays? Have you experienced walking around a shop or public place and a song attached to a special memory starts playing? These are messages from your Spirit Guides. Next time this happens have a listen to the lyrics. The lyrics that stand out to you from the song are a message from your Spirit Guide. You can even ask them for a sign through music. Set an intention in the morning that you’d like a message through music. Your Guides will show up and give you a sign.

5- Dream

At night our Spirit Guides will share important messages with us whilst we sleep. Ask your Guides before you sleep to appear in a dream. If you struggle to remember dreams, before you go to sleep say out loud or in your head,” Guides I would like to remember my dreams. Please share some messages with me this evening.” Put a notebook by the side of your bed and when you wake up, write down the dreams you’ve had.

As your connection journey with your Spirit Guides grows, you’ll begin to notice that they will have a favourite way of communicating with you. Have a try at all five different ways and see what resonates with you.

If you’re interested in meeting your main Spirit Guide, I am holding a “Meet Your Spirit Guide” guided meditation this Thursday April 27th- 6-8pm at Moment Meditation in Gastown, Vancouver. I have designed this guided meditation for you to meet your main Guide so you can connect with them and your intuition more. By meeting them you can work with them on a daily basis and understand the signs and messages they are giving you.

For more information and to sign up please visit their website HERE.






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