Past Life Regressions can heal grief, create more loving relationships, uncover hidden talents and ultimately confirm the existence of past lives.

  • Want to learn more about why you feel akin to certain times in history?
  • Is there a particular theme in your life that keeps recurring?
  • Want to understand more about why certain people are in your life?
  • Want to understand more about those strange sensations with certain places?

Past Lives come from the concept that we are born onto this planet as a choice to experience a “human” existence. We have chosen to learn and experience this world for our souls to grow. If we do not learn the lesson from a previous life, this theme will recur into the next life until we have learnt from it.

A one on one session with Natalie through guided meditation will help develop your own spiritual wellbeing and will guide you to unlock doors on your life path and inner self.

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