Some nice words from my lovely clients!

“The reading with Natalie was phenomenal.. She demonstrated a strong connection to her gifts and helped me break through barriers on my life path. She delivered exactly what i needed — an upgrade. Thanks Natalie! ” ~Marilyn

“Thank you for my brief reading this morning with my Mom Natalie on The Peak (102.7) .It was very emotional and you were spot on.I know my Mom is with me…but I always like being reassured for some reason. Thanks for doing what you do and changing people’s lives.” Holly

“Nat is the real deal! I was really impressed with how accurate her reading was. I went in without offering her any idea of what kind of answers I was looking for, and the reading provided them to me tenfold! I’d definitely recommend having your own experience with Nat, and adding her to your portfolio as a resource to go to when seeking answers, clarity, or direction for yourself on your path.” ~ KN

“I came into my reading as a complete skeptic. Nat knew nothing about me, had never met me, and yet the accuracy of the reading, and information that was delivered was incredibly accurate. I came to Nat at a turning point in my life, and not only was she able to convey to me what that was, she was able to draw detailed experiences from my past which allowed me to trust what she was telling me about the future. I have never once had such a powerful experience.” ~ Craig.

“Nat has a beautiful presence and a delightful delivery of the many messages I received. I was comforted with the experience and how “bang on” and relatable the content. I was wowed at the insight I received and found the messages insightful and valuable as I move forward on my journey living my dreams. Thanks Nat, see you again. I super enjoyed the experience.” ~ Debra

“I have seen many psychics in my lifetime and Nat definitely delivers according to her company name – Psychic Upgrade! She is highly in tune with the spirit world including the small details that verify the accuracy of her messages. And I am so impressed with her ability to energetically read the cards before she flips them over…outstanding and truly magical. I am already looking forward to my next visit.” ~ Lucie

“Wow. What an experience! Before I could ask questions, Nat would already get a reading. She is incredibly accurate and really understood my life…without me hinting anything to her. I laughed, I cried but most of all I was so impressed with her skills. I sat in my car for 30 minutes after just thinking about everything she said. If you want an accurate and honest reading, I highly recommend her.” ~ Amanda

“I started the reading, knowing what a friend had received in her reading, but to be honest, I had never had a Psychic reading before, so had no real idea or expectations. Natalie, was very natural without any contrivances that TV or movies promoted. Once she was set up, the reading proceeded quickly, in directions that I hadn’t thought of, but enjoyed the information gained and liked (in my case) the positivity of my reading from start to finish. I know because of our choices, the future may change, but still interested in seeing how close to the mark, Natalie gets. I feel the information received was well worth the time & money.” Greg